Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who is Your Hero ?

All the money people spend on sports and sports memorabilia is absurd. Then i see people complain because we send money and food to other countries yet these people playing sports are getting millions of dollars to play a stupid game.Lives lost everyday people are starving all over the world and you complain about the little bit of money being sent to other countries where children starve and sleep on dirt floors. Entertainment has become more important than the human life. Its sad you will pay hundreds of dollars to watch men fight over a pig skin. Riots are caused because of teams not in agreement. People die every year for these stupid games. Dont you ever stop and think who devised all of this. The same one who causes separation between men. The same one who in the beginning turned 2 of Gods servants against Him. This deceiver all through history has been at the root of every evil thing ever done. This so called Angel of Light(Deception) has fooled many and has lured the majority onto a road to destruction. When will you learn? Never i suspect. I'm so glad i put my faith in God and not men. Because for sure id hate to be in the shoes of those who dont.Whose your hero ? Nascar Drivers,Football Players, Baseball Players Hockey. How about Rock Stars. Country Stars Movies Stars. Do you put any of these people on a pedestal ? Wow dont say you dont if you do. I see you on here and people around me. I hear you talk and brag on your sports heroes and many other heroes you worship. You know i have some Heroes they were great men.These men you call heroes couldn't hold a candle to mine. Moses He was a true hero. What made this man great was the fact that he gave his full service to God and obeyed Him. Noah was another who was very much like Moses they gave their complete trust to the lord. They had no time for entertainment knowing they had a job to do for God. That made them heroes. There were many like these 2 in The Bible but there was one who rose above them all. Jesus Christ. He was my hero He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. So that we might have the chance to live forever. I might ask you this. Do you take advantage at your games to tell everyone around you about this great Hero Jesus Christ ? Do you take advantage of every situation to preach the Good News of The Kingdom to all ? If you dont then we know who your heroes are. Dont We!!The End is very close and If you truly love The Lord then shouldn't you show it by teaching others of His ways instead of spending all your time in selfishness. The great men of The Bible found it more important to preach than to waste time with the things of this world. They also found it very important to save lives and bring people to Jesus and help them find their way out of the darkness. Will you be like these great men or will you just do the talking but not the walking? Is it wrong to have entertainment ? No its wrong if it comes before Gods Work. So never let anything come first in your life ahead of God Almighty!!

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