Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Does Satan Look Like ?

When You look for the Devil What do you think you’ll see? Horns A long tail? Pitchfork maybe? Maybe he’s even red all over? Is he sneaking around at night when your asleep ? Is he behind your back perhaps?  No he’s not. He’s in front of you Boldly mocking you. He’s the man in the suit or the woman in the street inciting you to lay with her. He’s the darkness in your lives that you cannot shake. He’s depression that leads you to take your own life. He’s the little voice in your head that says there’s no God. He could be your very neighbor Who by day is a loving father and giving friend. But at night he leads a very different life of debauchery. Perhaps this very person you trust is a rapist or a serial killer. Could that be so ? Yes many times its happened already. How well do you know your friends and neighbors? Do you know their hearts? Only God knows these things. The devil comes in many forms Evan as an Angel. So should you put your trust in men? No!! trust in God who should be your best friend. His Son is your friend The angels also are our friends. If we become close to God and His Son they can keep us safe from the devil and his demons. Trust In God Brothers and Sisters Even tho our flesh may still perish Our Souls will live forever with Our Lord God Almighty. Repent of your sins and be made clean in His Blood!!!!

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