Monday, October 4, 2010

Are you Following Bible Principals ?

I have to ask myself sometimes if im really a good Christian ? I ask God all the time to make me a better one because personally i dont think im a good enough one. I want to be the best i can be and im sure many feel the same as i do. We strive to follow Bible principles but sometimes we fall short. A part of being human. Myself i have limited patience and very short tempered. Thats why we pray daily. Im not holier than thou or anything but i would expect that if your going to call yourself a Child of God you could at least know His Word The Bible and not the words of some man on a pulpit. Like i said i have my short comings to im not without fault. But the difference between some of us and others is that we are Following Gods Words while many of you follow men and are involved with things in the world while we do our best to separate ourselves from it. Jesus said be in the world but not of it. So we try our best not to be included in the rituals and customs of men Just as Jesus Commanded us not to. Halloween and other Holidays that were created by men are such customs and rituals. Not once in The Bible were such things aproved By Jesus Christ nor did He ever say to take demonic hollidays and make them Christian. Its like a witch who claims to be pagan and Christian. Its Not Possible. Jesus said you would serve only one master. You would love one and hate the other. Theres no making such hollidays a Christian event. If you think there is why dont you ask yourself if Jesus would particapte in something that orginated from a satanic ritual ? Christmas is another false holliday. Not once did Jesus acknodgle His Birthday or tell us to make a special day of it. He said to celebrate His death. Christmas came from the worship of false gods and im sure Jesus would no approve of this holiday either not to mention it raises your children based on the lie of Santa Clause and God Hates a Liar. I wonder how long the devil will blind you before you wake up and see what you are partaking in is as bad as a devil worshiper himself. Jesus said be in the world but not of the world for if you loved the things of the world the love of the Father was not in you. So if you love Nations Flags Governments or stand with these things. Then you stand against God. If you rally for soldiers in war, Then you disobey the Words of Christ. Jesus said live by the sword die by the sword. The soldiers ask John The Baptist how they might be saved. He told them to harm no man. Jesus was a man of peace not a man of violence. He never supported it and told us not to either. Pray for the soldiers to repent and turn away from this wicked world. God said vengeance was His Give Gods things to God and Caesars things to Caesars. Remember If you are doing anything that is not Scriptural Then you take a very big chance on losing your soul. The devil is very good at what he does dont underestimate him as many have already. At one time he was Gods most favorite angel and he knows far more than we do. If your not using God as your shield and obeying Gods commandments then you are letting the devil in your house. Watching certain Movies TV. Reading books. Playing games even messing with apps that have to do with the occult. Your messing around on the devils turf and in doing so he will be the only winner. So do as The bible says Not what you want to do or in the end you will pay a price im not willing myself to pay. Why take a Chance and gamble with your soul ?

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