Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Treat Your Children Well !!!

Are you interested in money or everlasting life?
Money can buy things but not happiness or everlasting life.
Why is it that people today want more than they really need? Didn't Jesus tell us to store up our treasures in Heaven and not to be hungry for the things of the world ? Are you not satisfied with what God has to offer?
Children of today get no parenting because their parent either live above their means or their ambitions mean more to them than their families. They always try to keep up with the jones or they must have the new gadget out. I understand that we have to have certain things and pay bills.
But is it really necessary to have both parents working and leaving your kids unattended or shoving your responsibility off on others ?
Take time from your busy lives for your children. Cut some of those hours you spend working overtime to pay for useless things. Dont you think your kids might rather have you with them than you working senseless hours to pay for the toys they play with, The same toys you use to keep them out of your hair. Why did you have them if you don't want to be near them? What was the point? If your going to have children weigh out thecircumstances you are in. Ask yourself can i afford a child? Will ihave the amount of time necessary to spend with them? Can the mother stay at home while Dad works or visa versa? Remember children need their parents to teach them values and Godly ways. Not strangers or Schools. You brought them into the world. Now they are your responsibility.

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