Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a World!!

A Child is Precious and Innocent. How can one take the life of a baby over a game? I dont get it. I see my grandson and nothing he could ever do would make me hurt that precious boy.I see the news and i cant help but get depressed watching people destroy each other for nothing more that some paper with ink on it or a shiny rock that they call more precious than human life. They will kill each other over a baseball or football game if things dont go their way. They have wars over land that never belong to them in the first place. Pestilent is everywhere yet here in the usa we sit in our false peace and never knowing that an evil force is preparing to take control of your lives. They are using chips on people now instead of money. A computer called The Beast is already functioning. The devil is smarter than most know because he has their souls already wrapped up and ready to go and they have no clue he lives in their homes. Hes made a fool of the majority and i dont leave out those who supposedly are Christian but dont know even what The Bible says about the wicked things they do. They twist Scripture to suit them so they feel no guilt for their evil ways. Preachers everywhere leading people astray. Using Gods Word to lure them to an everlasting death. Better wake up people The Wolves are In The Herd!!!!!

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