Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will you Heed Gods Warnings ?

On the day of Judgement God will ask you why you did not heed the warning He sent you from His Word. What will you say? That no one warned you. When John The Baptist was preaching He constantly yelled and screamed at those who were not abiding by Gods laws. He was beheaded because he would not cease to tell Herod of his sinful ways. Thousands of years have passed and still he is screaming at you to turn from your wicked ways. God shows you through Scripture the errors of your ways and still you take no heed. He tells you to live by his word yet you still live by the words of men. Jesus tells you to keep your prayers private yet here you are in front of everyone acting as Pharisees. He tells you to be in the world but not of it and have no master other than Him. Yet you place your hands over your hearts and give allegiance to a piece of cloth. You praise men who can do nothing for you but God offers you eternal life, You trust in men to fight your ungodly wars and praise them for doing so Yet Jesus said LOVE YOUR ENEMY. And you have the audacity to tell me i have no love for my Brothers and Sisters yet day and night i sit and worry for your sake and warn you of whats ahead. God set me on this path so you go to Him and ask Him why i do these things.  Day after day God gives you scriptures that show you that you are headed down a wrong path. He tells you to stay clear of the teachings of men yet you say my preacher says this my preacher says that. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT GOD SAYS ANYMORE. You are foolish beyond words and on Gods day of Judgement you must answer for what you do. Your preacher, pastor, priest will not be answering for you. If your foolish enough to follow men blindly then you deserve the reward waiting for you. How long do you think God will tolerate your ignorance. How long will you remain in your delusion. Wake Up. Get Out Of Her!!!!!!!!

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