Monday, September 27, 2010

2 Sides of the Coin.

 The 2 sides of the Coin. Theres two sides to everything. I see many people telling you about Gods love and quoting you Scripture after Scripture on the issue. They tell you Jesus is all Love God is all love. But what about that other side of the coin. First lets go back to Noah's day. God was angry for the world had become an abomination to Him. On the one side He had love for one family on the other He had contempt for those sinning against him. So he instructed Noah to build an Ark so that he and his family might be spared Gods Wrath. Gods love saved Noah But His wrath destroyed the rest of the world. Again lets go to Sodom and Gomorrah God had set His wrath upon Sodom and Gomorrah but again one family that God had set His sight upon to save. He loved Lot and his family so much He even sent Angels to encourage Lot to leave before God destroyed what He considered and abomination in His eyes. Again 2 sides of the coin. Now these are the last days and according to The Bible it is likened to the days of Noah. God is a very loving God there is no doubt of this. But now He is looking down once more and only a few can He see that are worthy of His love. Many will be destroyed but once again God has sent out His messengers to warn you. Yet just like in Noah's day, You laugh, You Mock and you go about you daily lives without a thought as to where the road your on is leading you. Beware False prophets are among you and they will lead you to your destruction. As Ive stated many times Read Your Bibles Get out of the world and let God be the only one you trust. Remember this Jesus said in the last days it would be brother against brother and mother against daughter. That none you could trust except Him that has given you breath. The moral of all of this is God wants you to give your life to Him It is a persons choice to do so. We cant do that for you. But if i neglect to tell you the consequences of turning your face against God then i become blood guilty if something happens to you. God is Just Loving Patient and kind. But soon His Son Jesus Christ will return to this earth If you are not ready Then you will be destroyed with the rest of the world. You will not see the loving man who once walked this earth You will see anger and rage and the majority of men will be laid to waste with your governments your churches your religions Nothing will be spared but the righteous. Many of you claim to be righteous but if you were then we would not have to warn you daily about getting mixed up in the world and the things of the world. Get ready for His coming but if you chose to continue on that road of destruction then the love of Christ you shall not see.

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