Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Testimony

How do you spend your time ? I remember as a young boy my days were spent in school and studying The Bible without to much let up. My dad was a Jehovah's Witness and so was most of the other family members on his side. My Mom was a witness to but her side of the family was Pentecostal and Baptist. It was a real load of fun when they got together ill tell you that much.They could twist the Scriptures better than anyone, yet my bother and sister and myself read The Bible. I never paid to much attention to their ramblings. I just kept to myself mostly and i studied it as i was instructed to. I wasn't one you could really brain wash cause God gave me the sense to know that neither of the family sides had a clue to what The Truth was. My dad did however manage to screw us up mentally. He was quite obsessive in his belief on sparing the rod and mentally tearing me apart every chance he got. For some reason i have no clue why he hated me. I never to this day could figure that out but he was hell bent on destroying everything that i was. He was very successful in the task he had taken on to do. I fell into a very bad life Drugs Alcohol and many many suicide attempts I got into Satanism, Witchcraft. I joined a Cult called the christ family the leader was true maniac. But there was free drugs and i loved free drugs. I was basically a speed junkie and coke. I used needles until i had no veins left. In this life i saw many terrible things what men do to each other for a shot you would not believe. Prison was worse Men killing each other over tv of all things. Still even in prison and jails i got my drugs. I even sold my soul to the devil at one point which is funny you cant sell whats not yours. But anyways my dad had created this monster that was me. So i believed, but later came to realize it was my choice i didn't have to keep going down that road . I began to realize that nothing was going to kill me so i began to slow down on the overdoses and cutting my wrist. I was tired of the mental institutions and jail. I wanted my freedom. So the last time i was arrested for a felony drug charge i decided to give up drugs and stop blaming everyone for the way i was. Id given up on God by this time and was sick of hearing people say that i had some important task ahead of me. Ive heard that since i was a child I just summed it up to these people need to really do a reality check. Even when i was at my worst, strung out on meth, this old lady came up to me and told me God was going to use me. I laughed at her as i did many other chalking it up to she was insane. Later on after i had given up drugs i still smoked weed didn't figure that was to bad a thing. I tried religion a few more times only to be left feeling as empty as i was before i went there. I even tried to get saved online but i felt nothing. I met my wife in a chat room and i moved to Va to be with her. I finally gave up on God all together. I told Him if He wanted me He was going to have to prove He was who He says He was and He was going to have to take me. Well years past after i made this challenge. I didn't even think about it much anymore i really didn't care much either. I continued to use His name in vain and on many occasions i cussed Him To. One day i was sitting here on Facebook playing vampires and something happened. I felt chills crawl all over my body I was no longer in control i was no longer Fallen Angel I was Abiel The Disciple of Christ. I started preaching non stop. People got very angry with me and hundreds blocked me. My wifes family soon became distant and her children stopped coming over. The Holy Spirit took hold of me and my house. I did not resist. I began automatically to change. What a fantastic feeling it was. But at the same time it was confusing my emotions were completely out of control for a short while. Now im 100% A child of God. Im no longer a label And my Mom And Dad Approve of the new me and they are still Jehovah's Witnesses but they have changed to. Even tho i dont believe as they do. They finally accepted me and i finally forgave them, bringing me a peace i had never felt before, I call my family often now im just now really getting to know them. I had been away for so many years, i couldn't have even told you what they looked like. Ive never met one of my nephews and ive only met my sisters kids twice and they are in their 20s I haven't seen my brother in over 20 years. I led a life filled with violence and destruction. But God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ Saved me from drowning. I now know i was meant to do something important for God But He has not yet reveled this to me. But He soon will. So how do i spend my time ? Praising God for what He has done for me and constantly reading and studying His Word.

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