Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Love Grows Cold

What has happened to the once well known demeanor of those who profess to being born again? It seems, to me at least, that the once loving, caring attitude held by those who faithfully follow Jesus Christ is diminishing as we draw nearer to the last days before Christ’s return. I’m talking about our attitude towards one another as we discuss biblical doctrine or other Christian issues. Discussion boards and forums are alive with debates and at times heated arguments ensue which are filled with angry words one might expect to hear from worldly people, but not Christians. Christians belittling Christian’s using a tone of superiority that bodes only of pride. Where’s that come from if not from the world? Love thy neighbor as thy self seems to be losing its appeal in these last days. My brethren, this should not be so; loving one another is one of Jesus’ most frequently stated commandments for His followers to adhere to.  Because we can now enjoy much more frank discussions which span what once was considered almost impossible barriers, believers can now communicate with one another worldwide, instantaneously, and with little or no accountability. We can join and contribute to forums and use email to express ourselves and if we so desire we can accomplish this new form of communicating with complete anonymity. As believer’s views are attacked by other believers they, in many instances, attack right back instead of responding in love. Over the past few years I’ve noticed an increased hostility amongst believers who disagree on Bible interpretation. Even i was responsible for such actions Letting others anger me. I'm as guilty as many others who have been debating The Bible. I know theres nothing to debate. The Bible is quite clear on what it says and none of us should be adding our interpretations to it. Jesus never went to nor said to go to any church or join any religion. All Ive seen from these things is war anger and fighting over whose doctrines are the right ones. Ive been guilty for letting people rile me. Believe me i dont know why i just know the devil enjoys when we fight. The Body of Christ is one body not many. So all the religions cant be right because the fact is they never agree with each other. Those who are a part of the Body of Christ will all be in agreement on all things. They will care for each other and look after each other. Ive failed to see that on Facebook in any way shape or form. Every post i make even if its right from The Holy Word of God seems everyone adds to it or takes from it or just argues over what it means. It means what it says and says what it means simple as that. I know this much im not fighting with any of you anymore over it. We either believe what The Bible says or we dont. I chose to believe every word of it. Not just what i pick and chose. I know i have an anger problem. I pray nightly to The Father to heal me. Ive even asked all of you to pray for me to. With no response except for a very few. The love has grown cold and much to your surprise not many will make down the road to Righteousness most will fall away due to false teachers preachers doctrines and just listing to men all together. I'm not asking you to listen to me either. I'm asking you to open your Bibles and come to an agreement . Stay out of The world or you will die with it. The Bible makes that very clear. If you continue to believe each your own way then thats the road you will take. It wont be the road to everlasting life it will be the road to destruction. And if your going to preach about love. Try practicing what you preach. It might win over a few more people and above all be yourself stop pretending to be something your not. The one thing that can be said about me is that i dont put on like im something im not.

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