Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reap What You Sow!!

What a wicked Nation you are America. You scream and go on about money being sent to other countries like those people are of a lower class than you are. You Vipers and Snakes. The bad part is its mostly those out there calling themselves Christians. But if they read their Bibles the would knowGod loves all men regardless of nationality or race or how haughty you are.Hell awaits you if you dont change your ways and learn Gods ways. Wow you people never cease to amaze me as to how prideful you are then go tochurch on Sunday to make good all your sins. Hypocrite. Your arrogance is offensive even unto the heavens. You called yourself Gods Children but you act like the devils advocates. Change your ways before you stand before God almighty in judgement. And on that day you will surely reap what you have sowed. People over in other countries are far more in need than people over here. Its sad that anyone in america could starve to death with all the churches and missions, food banks and many other facilities available to them. But in Africa you wont see an air conditioned tent or wood floor its made of dirt. If you think its so hard over here then go over there and live like they do in the third world countries that your so bent on seeing their children starve and die of diseases because you are so in love with your country instead of loving God and all of mankind You make sick .

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