Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I know its been a very long time since my last post. I had many questions regarding the Bible and its authenticity. I was unsure and questioned it on many occasions. But as time went on i began to see a pattern in the Bibles predictions. In Revelations it covers much of whats happening today. Jesus said it would be as in the days of Noah. Yes its very much like the days of Noah today. Men have lost their natural affection. We are married and given in marriage. Crime is rising Natural disasters all around us on a world-wide scale. Is this the sign of the times? According to the Scriptures I do belive it is. Now scientist would disagree and so would many other religions but believe me my Brothers and Sisters Gods day is at Hand. You can argue with me night and day but one thing is for sure the Bible don’t lie MEN DO!!!!!!!!! Do not put your trust in men but in God.. Lately I found Jesus myself and in doing so he has opened my eyes to many things. He’s showed me through the Scriptures that I could be saved from the upcoming events. He showed me through his mercy how to do this. He also warned me through Gods word that this would not be as easy as saying I belive. Why would this be a hard road to travel. He told me through Gods Holy Bible that men would hate me for what i was sent to do. That my friends and family would turn their backs on me. That men would ridicule and might even kill me. He also told me not to fear because he had a reward for me. He warned me also of what would happen if i tried to save my own life or pick up arms against my brother. That in doing so I would lose my life. Why? because God wants to do all of that for us. He wants us to have total faith. So I told The Lord And Savior that I was ready to receive him and all that went with it I repented and turned from my old ways. I let Christ come into me and he cleansed me of any sins I had committed. I vowed to My Savior that i would from that day on Walk In righteousness that I had from my heart of hearts repented from all sin I was washed in the Blood of the Lamb And I would sin no more. After I had accepted my Lord and Saviour I Immediately began to change Cussing stopped Impure thoughts faded. I felt energy all inside me.Like a drug id never felt before. My every thoughts were of God and spreading his word. And sure enough here came the devil. He attacked me and i stood strong against him I made God my shield Christ was my sword and they protected me from those attacks. I began to spread Gods word on Face Book. Many came against me I even lost my temper a few times. But God came to me and calmed my heart. Now they cannot stop me from spreading his word I will die for My Lord. Will you? Join me and spread Gods Word to every living creature. On Face Book On MySpace in your towns in your state your homes your friends EVERY LIVING CREATURE MUST HEAR THIS MESSAGE.

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  1. Is your Preacher Teaching you from the Bible ? Are you putting your Preachers and Pastors on a pedestal without so much as a thought to their true intent? Do you take their words as is? Or do you look up every word they say in you Bibles ? Go here and read this: