Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How I Found Christ

I was raised a Christian I was forced daily to read the Bible Study the Bible 3 times a week was family Bible study. My dad was very adamant that we did this After dinner during the week and a few hours on the weekends. It was a never-ending learning process. My dad was a cruel man he used the scripture in his bent twisted mind To find reasons to torment me. Not to say at the time i blamed God for his insanity but i wasn’t pleased at all with how my life was going. I took all this until i was 14 yrs old I was smoking weed by this time and beginning drugs. My dad found my stash and kicked me out of the house. Where i found myself on the streets in a world of hurt.I nearly starved before i met someone who offered to help me get food. He told me of the missions and how to keep warm at night. I robed old drunks for money to get drugs so i could find some peace. The drugs helped me to forget about my family. Finally i made it to East Texas. where i met up with a group called the Christ Family. You’d think my prayers has been answered But not exactly these men claimed they were the Followers of the true Christ(Lightning Amen)(Cult Leader) So i followed them. I gave up all my worldly possessions and took off my shoes. Barefooted I walked as Christ did Thousands of years ago.I went from state to state preaching the Word of God. I did this 5 years all total. Barefooted at that and in total faith. I met this man finally but by the time i met him i knew i had been deceived. By then i just left they had started carrying guns and the leader lighting Amen was just a freak who beat women and his so-called children. I left there and continued out on the roads hitchhiking and reading my bible all the time looking for the real truth. I learned allot but as more bad piled up on me i began to get angry at my Dad then everyone I was treated very badly on the road by many. So i came back to my hometown only to become a junkie(Destroying my mind and body even further) By now I hated God and everyone else I had fallen in love with a needle and some golden fluid Crystal meth. I sold it and used it. I became violent and extremely insensitive. I didn’t care if i killed someone to get what i needed as long as it served me. I did things for this drug and because of this drug that i was no longer considered human even by my piers.Anyways i eventually stopped the drugs and all i can say is it was God directing my life because sincerely after all the things i did to myself i should be dead 10 times over. I’ve overdosed many times to the point where the pills in my stomach had foamed up and were coming out of my mouth. Or id cut my wrist(more like gash) and every time someone showed up to help me. How I don’t know. I began to dabble in the craft for a bit and then Satanism. But to make this short i met my wife on the net 3 yrs ago. I asked God to come into my life but that was short-lived i gave up on him again. But i always read the bible for whatever reason i can’t tell you I knew it from front to back but didn’t understand what God wanted from me till recently all of the sudden i began to see things in a new light. Now i didn’t ask for this remember i asked 3 yrs ago . Then i was playing games on face book and i stopped playing games and started typing. Most of whats typed is not me I cant even think that fast. The holy spirit entered me and the words poured out. It’s not my doing but Gods that these messages come. I know my scriptures. Like my neighbor told me he’s a minister himself. He said i knew scripture better than his mentor of over 30 years. I don’t need any man-made school teaching me the lords will. Theres to many of those already. Gods Will in my life He will revel at His discretion Not any Mans. Now I tell you this You may not agree with what i post on my walls or on here. But i do tell you this i back it all with scripture and if you are unable to see the message before you I suggest you read your Bibles instead of pointing your fingers as the scribes and Pharisees did.

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