Friday, February 4, 2011

READ YOUR BIBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brothers and Sisters READ YOUR BIBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are the ministers!!!! Theres no Church that can make you Holy or give you the Holy Spirit. Theres no Preacher who can save you!!!! Theres no ministers on earth who can be trusted.

The Churches and Religions cause separation. Arguing and fighting due to their doctrines They cant agree on anything and cause CHAOS!!!! Now does that sound like something Jesus would allow ? NO!!!!! JESUS IS THE CHURCH!!!! YOU ARE THE TEMPLE!!!! Not a building where you go 2 times a week and think its good enough. You Did your part right and now your going to heaven. WRONG. Read Your Bibles!!!!!

If you continue to believe what these wolves in sheep's clothing are telling you.


Believe in Gods Word Not the words of men. WAKE UP!!!!! Theres never been one verse Ive ever read where Jesus or anyone else in the Bible says we must go to seminary school to be preachers. Jesus made us preachers and The Holy Spirit should speak freely through us. How can that happen if you have your head stuffed with someone else s thinking or interpretations.

READ YOUR BIBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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