Monday, February 14, 2011

The Life of Christ

Jesus Christ was a perfect man. He had emotions and never once said if we followed Him that life would be joyful all the time. Matter of fact He said the opposite. That our lives would even be in danger.
Christian or not we are still human. We lose our tempers, We cry, we mourn and we are sad at times. If you tell anyone that you don't feel these things then you my friend to put it bluntly are a liar.

I don't beat around the bush and ill tell you why. Jesus didn't either. He didn't go around and coddle everyone or sugar coat things. He warned us over and over about what would happen to us for following Him and He warned us the consequences of denying Him.

There are many out there who neglect to tell you these things and those ones are neglecting to teach you THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Its there own made up version of it. They want you to believe once you are saved life its just a bowl of cherries. Well my friends that is a lie.

 When you give you life to Jesus Christ The devil becomes enraged. Do you think for one min that he is just going to lose another of his followers without a fight ? You are wrong!!!!!! If he fought Jesus and the angels in Heaven do you not think he will work overtime to get you back ? He will do whatever it takes to drag you to hell with him. He has nothing to do but this. He has countless numbers of demons working with him to make sure you never rest.

I don't know why others are teaching you the lies they have been but let me tell you this. If the devils not constantly attacking you then you might still be in leagues with him and also you might rethink your salvation.

 Are any of us perfect ? No!!! We all fall short any of us can be mislead and no one knows everything.

God sends us as messengers to the people doesn't mean we are always going to do this the right way or the way you believe it should be done. God has His own way of dealing with each and everyone of us.

 God also has the same emotions we do. He is just more in control of His than we are. We are not Jesus Christ and stop trying to make us so. We follow His example but not always in the way you think we should.

Its funny if a Christian one mistake you people are all over it like we are suppose to be like God. I'm not, We are not, we are just spreading Gods Word we are not Him.
So get down off your soap boxes and take a good look in the mirror and you will see that you to are no where near perfection.


  1. thanks for posting this. i was starting a blog as well about our Christianity. thanks for confirming what I need to do :) God bless!