Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Gospel!!!!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just coping and posting scriptures everyday or watching some preacher on TV who is more interested in your cash than your well being. Jesus had a message for all to hear and it was composed of Good news for those who listened and doom for those who chose to live as the world does.

It was not just a message of Good news but He told us that if we refused to obey His commandments that we would suffer eternal damnation.

 There are many who will tell you only the good news and only the parts of Gods Holy word that they find prevalent to what they believe and will also tell you to disregard other parts of the Bible. But Jesus never once told us to disregard any of Gods Word. This is what men teach and they shall soon reap the just rewards they have coming and all those who follow them in this life shall also be with them in the next.

You go ahead and listen to them and mark my words you will be destroyed. Maybe its about time you learned THE TRUTH THE REAL TRUTH. Obey God or suffer for being a disobedient child. Read The bible for yourself and let God take you on a journey of truth and He will revel these men that wear sheep's clothing as the wolves they are.

Test the Spirit!!!!!!!

Let The Holy Spirit be your guide. Preach The Gospel to all living creatures as Jesus instructed. You shouldn't have to be told to do these things. It should be a joy so great inside you that you can never keep His Holy name from anyone.

If you have Jesus within you then you will shout His name to the entire earth. THAT IS BEING SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not posting a scripture a day and OH I DONE MY PART. Do you not think God knows you inside and out? Do you not know that He revels your true self to the Faithful and righteous.

Stand up be not afraid For God made us a promise that we shall be rewarded for our faith in Him. Repent now before its to late!!!!!!!!!!!

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