Saturday, January 29, 2011

The World Today!!!!

 Mans greed for the dollar bill will be his demise. People think because they give a little to the charities that they have done their part. But if you notice this small gesture of theirs does not go unnoticed. They have a way of letting others know how generous they are. Score those brownie points why don't ya.

 The Bible says those who blow their own horns have already received their rewards. I don't think God meant that as a good thing do you? To bad people don't take as much interest in the poor the sick and the homeless as they do their cars and homes. Most see a homeless person as a disease. But i tell you this most of them will share in a reward from God so you enjoy your eartly rewards and we will enjoy life everlasting with God.

 Also the celebrities of today everyone seems to notice everything they do But hey if their doing something like child molestation its covered up or paid off. They pay for their sins with cash. Yet here are all these people with fan sites worshiping them as tho they were gods. If a celebrity farts we hear about it.

 But it takes real special people to tell us about the abused children. Media don't cover this because its not as important as Conan or Jeff Foxworthy. God forbid we don't know what they are wearing today.

 And what about the president. Well goodness sakes did you see how stunning he looks in his thousand dollar suit.(Being Sarcastic Here) I need to go right out and tell my boss to up my taxes so the president can get something better to wear on his new jet plain. Its like oh that child on the streets there starving makes no difference because in your minds you've blocked them. Yes Yes America the great. Thats a laugh.

Its all true the boogy man is real and we live with him. God Bless the people all around the world. God have mercy on you You need it. Get Jesus in your life Money wont solve your problems It just complicates it even more. God can do all things for with Him All Things are possible.
Help each other Love each other Share what you have with those less fortunate give to those in need and do it anonymously

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