Friday, January 7, 2011

Repent The Hour is Near!!!!!

To the non believers of today I ask you this ? What if God is real ?(I Know He is without a doubt!!!!) But lets say that your doubts are disproved and its to late. You find out you had been deceived but now you stand before God in Judgement. What could you say to Him to get Him to change His mind on destroying you? Could you possibly say i wasn't told or warned this day would come? No you couldn't!!!!!! If you got on your knees and ask God to spare you Would that work ? Far as i know you waited to long!! But im not God so i couldn't answer that. You might get lucky and someone (Like in Moses day when he plead with God not to destroy the Israelites) would plea your case. But hey why take the chance? Why not look beyond the veil that Satan has laid over your eyes and redeem yourselves now? Ask Jesus to come into your lives. Believe in Him. And He will have mercy on you. But if you wait to late i cannot guarantee you that offer will still be an option. Trust in the Lord with all your heart Pray for Him to revel Himself to you. But as long as you doubt Him You will never see Him and one day you will join countless numbers of souls in hell. Repent My Friends The Hour is upon you and your time is almost up!!!!!!!

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