Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potential Candidates for Christ.

Potential Candidates for Christ.
Often i see many Christians who only add or have association with other Christians. This makes it very hard to spread the Gospel to every living creature as Jesus Commanded Dont you Think? 

Lets get hypothetical for a moment . Lets say someone added you as a friend and they looked just a little bit on the rough side, And this person was pagan or budidest or even a Satanist. But unknown to you God has sent this person to you. Most likely you have judged him or her already and denied the friendship(in doing so you have lost a soul.) Ask yourself this question would Jesus deny anyone His Kingdom? No He would not.

Fear of others is lack of faith in our Lord and Saviour. You must fear nothing at anytime. I hear people claim that they Dont even fear the devil himself. Yet he is the one who takes souls everyday. Fear those not who kill the body But fear the one who can take your soul. 

Everyone is a potential Candidate for Christ its not your call to judge by appearance Wait and judge by actions as Jesus told us to. At least give them a chance. Jesus Would. 

Dont deny friendships just because what someone appears to be Because God Just May Be Testing You!!!!!!!

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