Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Links and Blogs

Come on over to my new page The King Of Kings. Its a page thats dedicated to discussing The bible and helping people understand it. Its also for those seeking or just wanting to read daily text So join us at this addy and like the page Theres also a link to the new community here also .

This is the new community. I joined Blog Frog and its very fast growing I suggest you try it Its free. Heres the addy to it also.
My Other Links to join Go to the Blog Hop Scrool down past the picture links to Click to Enter. Add your information and a picture of your choice and your done.
You might also join or follow these links if you wish.
These are my links to Read or follow if you wish.!/AbielDisciple Twitter# AbielDisciple.

You might also try this to get more readers to your blogs Ive just started it myself so im not sure it works but its also free you cant lose anything by trying.
All you have to do is check out