Friday, December 3, 2010

The biggest risk I ever took and what I Learned

To be quite truthful my whole life was risk taking and ive learned many lessons from them. But i was 14 when i took off from my family and started out hitch hiking across country. My parents didn't like the decisions i was making for my life and they threw me out in the streets. At first it was very difficult i didn't know how to survive on my own and nearly starved. In the city of Dallas you dont find many good souls who are willing to help street people. But that was only the beginning of the many risk i was to take later. I began to take drugs and Maryjane was why i was tossed out to begin with. But i found some folks who were very happy to introduce me to meth and the needle. Yes that was a major risk ill tell you. It almost killed me on many occasions but i held up and made it through that. Ive done just about every drug there was to do but that wasn't the real risk. Hitchhiking also all over the country is also a major risk but i did see things that most only dream about. Ive jumped off cliffs into the ocean and climbed steep cliffs just to say that i had done it. Every time i got into a car with someone i risked my life. You never knew who you were riding with or their intentions. After spending over 10 years on the road i met some real psychos believe me. But i wasn't sane myself some of the things i was doing most of you would consider insane. But to be truthful. The biggest risk i ever took was Giving my life over to God. Yes it is a risk you can lose your life for such a decision. But He convinced me there was a better life waiting for me if id just take the chance and i did. Now what did i learn from all of this. Well i learned that God is the only way to a life of peace and all the things i done that were dangerous God was surely there keeping me alive so i could tell you about it.

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