Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the World and of The World ?

You cant have the best of both worlds you are either on Gods side or Satan's side. If you partake in the things of the world such as holidays that have origins of paganism then surely you might as well be pagan yourself. The pagans have a point when they accuse you, The Christian in taking part in holidays that were pagan and Christianity was later mixed in . I wonder why any Christian or Religious organization would do such a thing. But i do know the answer. Our advisory the devil loves to make evil seem so innocent so that he can destroy as many as possible. Its ashame that he has blinded the majority and they very well could suffer damnation because they did not heed the warnings of Christ. He warned us that the devil was sneaky but others would have you believe the devil is dumb and convince you the the very angel that was with God and Christ at the very beginning is dumber than a human. That makes you very stupid my friends. Only a fool would believe that and only someone who was deceived already . No one knows how long the devil who was once called Lucifer has been around. From the first time in the garden he deceived the perfect couple. Why then could he not deceive you? In closing all i can say is that for me i shall serve The Lord and i will be on the safe side keeping myself far from the doings of the world and its evil. I'm here to preach Gods word nothing more nothing less, As should you be. But on the day of judgement you cannot say Toby didn't warn us. At the risk of eternal hell will you persist on your journey on the road of destruction?