Saturday, November 6, 2010

Use your Life as a Testimony For Christ.

You know everyday i read different blogs. Some about food some about fishing and many about the lives of other people all over the world. Now some use the tragedies in their lives to get pity from others. I'm not real sure why some people like to feed off pity but if they had God in their lives they wouldn't need this at all. And i feel allot of these so called tragedies are made up to gain pity. Some are not. But even if their not why do you wallow in your pity ? When God can build you up and use your tragic life to help others. Myself im Bipolar and im very ill. Ive had a hard life i was drug attic and a criminal i lived the best part of my life on the streets and in prison and jails. But instead of crying over it. I use it to Gods advantage. Using my life to change others. God came into my life and changed a life full of sorrow and suicide attempts to a life full of joy.  I have a lovely wife and a fantastic grandson. My life changed I still have my times of sorrow and pain but Christ can make it bearable. And my testimony can serve God by helping others who are where i was. Dont use your sorrow to gain pity. Let God use it to gain followers. I know to there are people out there in worse shape than i am . They live on the streets in cardboard boxes many of these are children. We have to help them and by doing so our worries and sorrows lose their importance. Ive been out there living with those people I know how they feel. They feel lost and lonely and very frightened. . Instead of paying baseball and sports figures all your hard earned money. Try helping someone who has nothing. Instead of making the music industry and Actors Rich. Give to the poor. Or just go to an area where people are hungry and in need and feed one or say a prayer. Tell them how they can have a life with no more sorrow. Do this and God will reward you with riches that this earth has never seen.


  1. My brother, God bless you! I also suffered from bipolar affective disorder. Thank God for His healing power. I am proud of your testimony.I share your feelings. May God grant you more doors of ministry in Jesus' name