Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The end is coming soon.

The end is coming soon. Will you be ready for it? Are you traveling the right road? What will become of those who heard the Truth but did not listen ? Will your pastor or minister save you ? 

I feel in my heart and from reading the Bible that i have the truth and we are on the right road. We read and study our Bible on a daily basis. We are also trained to be ministers of the Truth. Its not just a Sunday get together for us, It a life long study of Gods word. 

We are even urged to act as Christians every moment of the day. All the others i studied with was nothing like we teach. Some twist the scriptures to be more appealing to people. We are more like a bitter herb and we dont condone misconduct. 

But most religions allow gays to worship in their church even condone this misconduct. We do not in anyway condone such behaviors. Fornication is allowed in most churches to. Why are these behaviors allowed in your churches when the Bible teaches that this is not acceptable at all? 

We dont allow these things to go on in our place of worship. When someone is found committing a gross sin They are counseled and sometimes disfellowshiped. Do you follow the same guidelines in your place of worship? Do you celebrate pagan holidays? Get your Bibles out and instead of just reading it STUDY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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