Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What did Jesus mean when he said In the last days it would be likened to the days of Noah.

What did Jesus mean when he said In the last days it would be likened to the days of Noah. Well back in Noah's days God looked down on to the earth with great sadness. Men had become an abomination in Gods eyes. But there was one man on the Earth that God saw as righteous above all others. This was Noah The most righteous of all men. Now in these days men were doing evil all over the earth and even the Angels themselves had come down to the earth and laid with the women creating a race of giants they were a cruel race and dominated men. The men and women of earth at that time were sinful in many ways Homosexuality fornication adultery and idolatry they committed sins against God. So God grew angry with man and decided to destroy him with a flood. He told Noah to build an Ark which at this time rain was rare so im sure even Noah was a bit surprised that God had him do such a task But Noah being a true man of The Lord did as God asked. And im sure just like today they scoffed and mocked and laughed even persecuted Noah. These men and women told Noah he was insane to do this task and laughed at him. Well as most of you know the ark was built and men still carried on with their evil ways Noah urged them to come aboard but to no avail. They mocked and laughed just as the people of today do. Then it began to rain It rained as it had never rained before. The doors of the ark were shut and the people of earth were now fearful of their lives. But just like it will be soon when Jesus returns they will have no more chances. So the evil men of earth were destroyed. As will they be very soon by the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. I send you this warning unbelievers. Turn you lives around Wash yourselves in the Blood of Christ. Give yourselves to The Almighty and save your souls from damnation. The doors to the ark were closed and soon the doors to salvation will also be closed. Dont wait till its to late Repent and be saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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